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Mearns Kirk Church

For those who wish to contact us, for whatever reason, the name and address of our Church is:

Mearns Kirk
Church Halls
404 Mearns Road
Newton Mearns
G77 5BU.

Hall Security

In order to improve security in the hall, a video door entry system has been installed. All hall users should by now have been advised of the appropriate code number to be used to gain entry without requiring Andrea or Marie to open the door, but anyone who requires to know the number or who has forgotten it should contact Andrea.

Telephone Number of Office: 0141 639 6555.

The Office is open weekdays 9am - 12pm - The Church Secretary is Andrea Gibson.


New Manse Address: 11 Belford Grove, G77 5FB. Tel. 0141 384 2218.

Mearns Kirk Website

If you have trouble viewing the small type size on your internet browser you can increase the viewing size by pressing the CTRL button and the +/= keys together. To return to normal size press CTRL button and -/_ keys together.

If you have any comments on the website, wish to update/add information or submit a picture, which would be gratefully received, please contact Andrea.

Mearns Kirk News

A magazine, compiled by members of the congregation, is published monthly and contains features and articles encompassing the goings-on in and around the church and matters of interest.

Contributions for the next issue of the Church Newsletter should be passed to Gordon Wilson by Thursday 7th February. They can also be e-mailed to Gordon on or faxed to him on 637 9411. Magazines will be available for uplift by distributors on Sunday 17th February.

Contact: Gordon Wilson, Editor.

As we are endeavouring to 'go green' you may wish to opt out of the paper version of the newsletter. Please fill in the form below and instead you will be sent a link to a PDF version by email. This version will also be available via the website every month.

· Your Elder will see you 2-3 times a year
· If you still wish to receive the paper newsletter then this will be delivered to you each month they are published - 9 times a year. Delivery could be by an Elder or a volunteer.
· The electronic newsletter will come as a PDF attachment sent via email or it can also be accessed via the church website.

For those people who have opted for no visit and an electronic newsletter you will be given the contact name and number for an Elder but you will not be visited unless you request a visit.

Anyone who wishes the e-Newsletter only should fill in the form below or email the church office

Audio Taped Church Services

Our cassette duplicating equipment has broken down and we have decided to replace it with a CD recording and duplicating system. Not all CD players will play the recordable CDs - if you have any difficulties, or would like more information about this new service, including information about the dellivery of the CDs, please contact Campbell Scoular.


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